If you watched last night’s Oscars, surely you saw Lady Gaga’s showstopper performance of “Til It Happens to You,” her Oscar nominated song from The Hunting Ground. Gaga’s performance, which brought the audience to its feet, introduced survivors of sexual assault onto the stage at the end of the song as they all stood hand-in-hand. It was a powerful moment, but equally as powerful was a moment you didn’t see: the Oscar-winner walking up and hugging every single survivor as they walked off stage during a commercial break.

The moment wasn’t captured by TV cameras but someone who was in the audience caught the moment on their cell phone. As each of the men and women filed off stage, Larson stopped and hugged every one of them (even as other actors in the audience walk by, seemingly oblivious).

Though Gaga’s song would wind up losing to Sam Smith’s “Writing on the Wall” later in the night, Larson would go on to win her first Oscar for her performance in Room. Everyone will surely be talking about her Oscar win, but it’s a quiet moment like this that feels even more important.

If you missed it, you can watch Lady Gaga’s performance again below, and head to ItsOnUs.org to learn more about supporting victims of sexual assault.

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