Brett Eldredge is in a new phase of songwriting. At an August media roundtable in Nashville, the 33-year-old country star announced he is working on a new album, his first non-holiday LP since 2017's Brett Eldredge.

He was light on the details of his new songs, saying on that they're "raw" and he's in the preliminary stages of an LP. Since the songs haven't gone into the studio yet, he also hasn't settled on any type of production style.

However, Eldredge did share that the content of this album should be his most thoughtful and mature subject matter to date and that he's been writing on a "deeper level."

"I'm creating a space mentally in my personal life and music life," he says. "I’ve got a flip phone; all the outside noise, I’ve cut most of it out and it’s been a profound experience of such a deeper level of anything I’ve ever written or created in my music career."

Eldredge also began learning piano this summer and plans to incorporate his newfound talent onstage in 2020 ... after he works out his growing pains with the instrument.

"I would love to have piano up there onstage," he says. "[Learning piano] is so frustrating at times 'cause it’s hard. I learn by ear a lot and just sitting down and kind of — there’s a lot of buttons here; how do I push the right ones and make that work?”

The superstar embarks on a nine-show international tour in January which lands him on stages in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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