Brantley Gilbert's "Bad Boy" is an honest story — his story.

The acoustic number finds Gilbert stepping into the perspective of a mother who at first disapproves of her daughter's affinity for a bad boy — one she refers to in the first verse as the "break your heart and won't come back boy."

She eventually comes around and sees the good in him in the second verse, pledging her approval. The final verse has the singer asking the mother for her daughter's hand in marriage, the listener learning that with her approval comes a word of caution, hoping he doesn't repeat his old bad habits.

"You know that's how she lost her dad, boy / And that boy's the one I loved / He was my bad boy," Gilbert sings with a soft tone in his husky voice.

Brantley Gilbert's Fans Are Gonna Flip Over This New Song

"Bad Boy," penned by the singer with Andrew DeRoberts and Josh Phillips, is the tenth track on Gilbert's upcoming album Fire & Brimstone, set for release on Oct. 4. On Twitter, Gilbert shares that the song is a reflection of his journey with his wife Amber Cochran, as he's been open over the years about his past struggles with drugs and alcohol.

"Every line in this song is the truth.... Amber and I haven't always had the easiest of journeys but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.... It takes a special kind of heart to love a #badboy," he writes.

Gilbert and Cochran married in 2015 and welcomed their son Barrett in November 2017. They announced in March 2019 that they're expecting their second child, a daughter.

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