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Dinosaur fans get ready because T-Rex and all his friends are coming to the Mall Of Abilene from May 13th thru the 22nd, 2022. Make plans to attend this prehistoric event and bring all the dinosaur-loving fans you know as these dinosaurs are Jurassic size.

Bring your camera and take lots of pictures as nothing like this has ever been seen in or around Abilene before, as you'll see in the photos below. The Jurassic Empire experience will feature realistic dinosaurs that will be moving and roaring giving us an idea of what it was like when they roamed the earth.

You've only heard of dinosaurs like Velociraptors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Pterodactyl. Now see them up close and experience their massive, ferocious, roaring from the safety and comfort of your own car.

The Jurassic Empire will rattle the senses of young and old alike. Here's how to get your tickets for an up-close experience that will have you awe-struck.

Jurassic Empire Show Schedule

  • May 13: 4 pm - 8 pm
  • May 14-15: 10 am - 8 pm
  • May 19-20: 4 pm - 8 pm
  • May 21-22: 10 am - 8 pm
    Located in the Mall of Abilene parking lot near Chili’s. If you choose to attend from  6 pm - 8 pm, please make sure to arrive before 7:30 pm.

The whole drive-thru takes anywhere from 20 minutes to more than 1 hour depending on how many cars show up at any given hour. If you order the optional Dino Pack online you will receive it after we check you in at the gate.

Take the Jurassic Empire journey at the Mall of Abilene for the experience of a lifetime.

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