Chiseled good looks are no match for a witty sense of humor, when it comes to snagging the woman of your wet dreams and taking her on a mattress ride. Unfortunately, a new study suggests that in a comedic battle of pretty boy vs. the ogre, most women will likely go home with the more handsome of the two, simply because beautiful people are perceived as funnier.

Researchers from the University of Stirling recently conducted a study in which they asked a group of undergraduate psychology students (on video) to select two out of three items that they would want to take with them on a desert island – chocolate, hairspray or a plastic bag. Then, another group of students were asked to watch the desert island videos and rate their answers based on the overall wit of the respondent and whether or not they were attractive enough for a one-nighter or a long-term relationship.

What researchers found was that the more attractive people featured in the videos were found to be funnier than their rat-faced counterparts. Interestingly, funnier men were also discovered to be the most appealing candidates for a casual night of organ-grinding bliss -– likely due to a funny man's propensity to not give off commitment vibes. What's weird is,  whenever we try to tell a joke to a girl at a bar her immediate response is usually "I'm not looking for a relationship." Huh.

Researchers believe that men use humor as a type of mating call,  since wit is so commonly intertwined with flirting, to indicate attraction. So the next time you are out trying to hook up, remember; you don't have to paint a clown face on your wiener to tickle their funny bone (but it probably wouldn't hurt).

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