We can all agree that Dallas Cowboys fans haven't had much to cheer about the past couple of decades. Well, that all changed when the Atlanta Braves won the World Series on Tuesday night.

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What do the Atlanta Braves have to do with the Dallas Cowboys winning it all this year?

While this may be a stretch of a reason, the last time the Atlanta Braves won the World Series was back in 1995. That was the same calendar season the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl which happened to be the last time they actually won a Super Bowl. While the Cowboys actually won it in 1996, it was part of the 1995 season.

Another note of history, back in the 1995 season, Mike McCarthy was the QB coach of the Chiefs. That year, his QBs threw the fewest interceptions in the AFC. In 2021, Mike McCarthy is the coach of the Cowboys and Dak Prescott currently has the fewest interceptions in the NFC.

While that parallel is more of a stretch than the Braves parallel, it still exists and we shouldn't overlook it.

Now does that mean the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year? Well, if history does indeed repeat itself, then you can expect a bunch of Cowboys fans calling in sick to work the day after the big game.

All that history/superstition nonsense out of the way, the Cowboys appear to be one of the few truly dominant teams in the NFL this year. Heck, they chose to sit Dak Prescott and his replacement, Cooper Rush, won the game.

This is probably the best overall team they've had since that last Super Bowl win as well. So, get ready to celebrate a Cowboys Super Bowl win all thanks to history repeating itself.

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