Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and you may still be wondering what to get her. Here is an idea that will allow you to make some great memories with mom instead of buying her a gift that will fade with time.

This is something you might not have thought about but mom would love. Take her to a local state park. We have one just a few minutes outside of Abilene, in Tuscola or you could head to Albany and Ft. Griffin State Park.  You could go for the day and enjoy a picnic or spend the weekend camping.

There are hiking/biking/nature trails, a swimming pool, fishing, boating, camping, volleyball and basketball courts, horseshoe pit, playground and much more. The whole family will find something to enjoy and you will make great memories with mom while doing them.

Ask any mom and she will tell you it doesn't matter what you get her; the most important thing is being together and spending time with her children. What better way to do that than having fun together at the park.

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