Everybody loves a good challenge, right? There are several restaurants in Abilene who are challenging anyone brave enough to defeat the most colossal on their menus.

Heff's Burgers - 2642 East Lake Rd and 3374 Rebecca Ln.

Both of Heff's Burgers locations in Abilene offer the 'Triple Challenge'. Complete the challenge, this huge meal is free (it costs around $15.00) and your post-challenge photo displayed proudly on the wall of Heff's. You'll have 10 minutes to consume:

  • A triple meat burger,
  • Three large orders of fries
  • A 20 oz. drink of your choice

Wholly Cow Burgers - 829 N. Judge Ely and 3121 S. 14th

'The Wholly Grail' is a tall order. Literally. In order to get your meal for free (it costs around $28), a commemorative t-shirt and your photo on the wall,, Wholly Cow gives you 30 minutes to finish:

  • And 8-patty burger, plus
  • A large order of fries and
  • A large shake

The Flipping Egg - 4150 S. Danville Dr.

Complete the '10 Pancake Challenge' is exactly that - 10 pancakes. Finish them in 10 minutes and you get the meal for free (which costs about $10). You also get a t-shirt and your picture on the wall. Get there early, because the restaurant is only open until 2:00pm.

There you go. The challenges are out there for you to conquer. Good luck!

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