The Abilene Police Department reports that there have been over 300 car burglaries since the start of 2014, and 4 out of 5 of those burglaries have one thing in common. Avoiding becoming a victim of an auto break-in could be as simple as locking up, and not leaving valuables inside your car.

According to the APD's Facebook page, of the 305 car break-ins reported this year, 82% of the vehicles were left unlocked. Simply put, if you lock your car, your chances of having it broken into decreases considerably. The APD also points out: burglary can lead to other offenses like identity theft, credit card abuse, & forgery. The bottom line is this:

Remove your valuables and lock your vehicle.


Car burglary is most often a target of opportunity. Thieves look for unlocked cars with valuables in plain sight. Protect yourself by removing the opportunity car burglars seek to exploit.

So remember, taking a couple seconds for prevention each time you leave your car can go a long way. to take your purses and electronics out and lock your vehicle when you leave it, and you've gone a long way to avoid the hassle of having your car broken into.

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