The Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness is asking Abilene to get 'on the move'. The goal is to make a move towards a healthier you. A simple way to do that is to just get walking even if it's a few minutes at a time. The Abilene on the Move day is set for Friday, October 10th.Mayor Norm Archibald is asking everyone that day to take a 10 minute walk at 10 am on that day, the 10th. You can walk around the block, walk around your office parking lot, walk your neighborhood, or even join your kids at school for a walk around the track during their PE time.

Schools, businesses, and citizens of Abilene are asked to organize a short activity time where students and employees can participate. The City of Abilene employees will join the Mayor for a 10 minute walk on Friday morning around the City Hall. No matter if you join the Mayor or find an event on your own or simply walk around your neighborhood the goal is to get you off your bum and get moving.

Just walking 30 minutes a day can have great benefits. It lowers heart disease, improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels, lowers stress, helps keep weight under control and helps with mental clearness among other things. So get up and get moving Abilene.

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