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While my wife and I both attended Abilene High School and all our children attended Wylie High School. Most of my other family members though attended Cooper High School. So, for the most part, 'we' show allegiance to all three high schools in my house. Except at this very time of year when it's time for the "Crosstown Showdown" Between the Cougars and the Eagles.

And, there are also the holidays and or family reunions when my brother-in-law and the other family members like to drive home the fact that the Cooper Cougars are the winningest school between the Abilene Eagles and the Cooper Cougars. The actual statistic is that Cooper is 35-24-1 over the Abilene High Eagles over the last 60 years.

This Friday it's time for the infamous "crosstown showdown" again when the Cougars and the Eagles will battle it out for the 61st time. Cooper High School opened its doors in 1960 however, the first game didn't come until 1961. It's what's been called "The Crosstown Showdown" or a 'Great American Rivalry' as seen in the video below, watch.

Let us all never forget though, that on the very first game between the Eagles and the Cougars, who won and by how much? At the risk of sounding a bit braggadocious, I'll just say the score was Eagles 35 Cougars zero. That's when it all changed and the Cougars never looked back. The next year Cooper beat AHS 19 to 18 which was a painful loss for the Eagles.

This crosstown showdown on September 3rd, promises to be a great game, but the odds are in Cooper's favor because statistics show that Cooper has won time and time again even when they didn't have a very good team. For some mysterious reason, Cooper has a kind of spell-casting power over the Eagles that for many years has rendered Abilene High incapable of winning against the Cooper Cougars.

Back when I was at Abilene High playing in the band, we would bring out all our rabbit's foot, bibles any good luck charm we might have had, to try and break that evil curse. Abilene High did have some great years though. Like when Hall Of Famer Coach Wally Bullington coached the Eagles team before moving on to Abilene Christian University.

We are fortunate to have this kind of Friday Night Football Rivalry fun in Abilene because not a lot of cities are blessed with awesome schools as we have. The game will be played in what once was known as the "Public School Stadium" before the name was changed to Shotwell Stadium. I hope to see you there. Go Eagles! Oh yea, Cougars too! The kick-off time is at 7 PM.

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