Albany, Texas may be a small town (about 2,000 people), but they've got some big names in the Texas & Red Dirt music scene performing there this year and it's all thanks to 'Albany Live'.

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According to their Facebook page, "Albany Live is a nonprofit organization established to support the cultivation of unique live music events hosted at local Albany venues".

First off, how cool is it that Albany has a nonprofit whose focus is live music? I think every village, town, and city on the planet could benefit from a group like that, especially a nonprofit.

So, who are these big names that are performing in Albany in 2022?

Well, feast your eyes on this schedule:

That takes us just mid-year, so I can't wait to see what else they add to their calendar. Many of those shows also include a VIP add-on when purchasing tickets and tickets can be bought online at

All of those artists are amazing, but if I were to pick just one to see it would be Shane Smith & the Saints. My wife and I have seen them more than almost any other band and they are absolutely incredible live, be it a full band or acoustic trio. You owe it to yourself to see them in concert. I guarantee you'll be hooked.

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