With more and more out-of-state folks moving into Abilene, the Big Country, or West Texas. I sometimes get asked some of the weirdest questions, but then again they're only weird because I'm from here and I don't question these things.

So, I'll try my very best to answer some of these questions I've come across in the last 24 to 30 months. As West Texas continues to be a popular landing destination for those out-of-state people who are curious about our little piece of the Earth called "West Texas."

Q: What does the name "Abilene" mean?
A:  Abilene is mentioned in the Bible as a region of the Holy Land mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, thought to be taken from the Hebrew meaning "grass". Abilene is the name of several towns in the USA, including the one in Kansas of which we were named after. Source

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Q: Why is Abilene Sometimes referred to as 'The Big Country'?
A: Abilene became the center hub for commercial, retail, medical, and transportation in a much larger19-county area that in the 1930s and '40s became commonly known as "The Big Country", but is NOW becoming known as the "Texas Midwest". It's part of the Central Great Plains eco-region. Source

Q: Why is Abilene the Key City?
A: Abilene was labeled the "Key City" because of its geographic area and is the key to the success of this 'region of Texas'. The Key City is pulling its workforce from at least twelve surrounding counties. Dyess Air Force base still remains the largest employer in the region. Souce

Q: What Rivers Run Through Abilene?
A: While the Abilene Reservoir aka Lake Abilene which is the Brazos River Basin. Located northwest of Tuscola in Taylor County, on Elm Creek, which is a tributary of the Clear Fork Brazos River, which is a tributary of the Brazos River. Source

Q: Is Abilene a good place to live?
A: Abilene is one of the best places to live in the Lone Star State of Texas. Living in Abilene offers you a wide-open suburban feel and most Abilenians own their homes, plus there are a lot of parks. Abilene is a great place to raise a family and residents tend to lean conservative. Source

Q: How is the air quality of Abilene?
A: Air quality is great, fresh clean air, great visibility, blue skies, beautiful sunsets, and awesome sunrises. Abilene is a beautiful city that has begun to grow a lot in the last decade. Abilene has a pretty strong and resilient economy and a large workforce with a good job growth forecast because of several national businesses opening in Abilene and Dyess AFB is taking on a new bomber. Source

Q: What's the weather like year-round in Abilene Texas?
A: The basic weather year-round in Abilene is mild, to say the least. Summers tend to be hot with temperatures averaging between 95 to 101 degrees. Abilene is mostly hot, dry, and mainly clear skies. Winters are short, cold, dry, and very windy. The old saying in Abilene goes "if you don't like the weather in Abilene, wait for 5-minutes it'll change. Source

Q: How much snow does Abilene get?
A: Yes, but only once or twice a year, and with no more than 1 to 3 inches of accumulation over the entire winter. When it does snow, get ready for the ENTIRE city to shut down tighter than a drum. The last two years are exceptions to the prior statement, being Abilene had two snowpocalypses, one in 2021 and one in 2022. Source

Q: Why should I move to Abilene, Texas?
A: We Abilenians enjoy a ton of rich cultural events like the Western Heritage Classic, the West Texas Fair and Rodeo, and Independence Day celebrations with lots of neighborhood parades. We have a thriving arts community, parks, children's activities, museums, sporting events, hunting, fishing, and great entertainment venues. Combining all that with our low cost of living, wonderful weather, and awesome 7-10 minute commute time, Abilene is the perfect place to move to. Source

Q: Is Abilene a good place to retire?
A: Several years ago national Forbes magazine named Abilene one of the top 25 places to retire in America. The company studied more than 400 cities in every state to find those hidden diamonds in the rough. Abilene stood out because of its warm climate and exemplary and robust economy. Source

My Favorite thing to say about living and loving Abilene

As I have always said "I love to live in Abilene and I live to love in Abilene" and if you EVER want to know why just read through the ten answered questions above and you will understand.

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