Urban Dictionary is the place to go to find definitions to slang or user-submitted definitions for nouns, including names and cities.

After seeing a map created by Sasha Trubetskoy of the San Francisco Bay area using Urban Dictionary definitions instead of city and town names, I was inspired to see how a similar map of West Texas would turn out.

As I began searching entries for West Texas towns on Urban Dictionary, I tried to exclude the most negative and offensive definitions and only pick the ones that lightly poke fun, but still — don't blame me for any negative or offensive town descriptions. I'm merely the messenger/map-maker here. I also found that a lot of towns don't have entries on the site, leaving the West Texas map a little more bare than Trubetskoy's.

My personal favorite description was that for Abilene, where one user writes "Abilene has brisket, cows, real cowboys, ridiculously large pickup trucks, bedazzled everything and women with big asses." Ain't nothing wrong with that.

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