The goal of The Best of Abilene is simply to identify the very best business in each category, according to you, the public. We believe the best judge of a great business is the consumer, not some out of touch panel of judges.

Please take a few minutes to cast your vote for your favorite business in a variety of service industry related categories.

In order to minimize participants attempting to 'cheat the system', we have decided not to reveal live results. Rather, we'll reveal the results following the voting period, which ends at 11:59pm on Monday, March 27th.

This is our fourth year of The Best of Abilene awards, so we wanted to make sure the entire process was a good experience for everyone.

Our goal is to give the Abilene area an actual voice while maintaining a high level of integrity and credibility.

We reserve the right to dismiss votes we believe are fraudulent. We also reserve the right to re-categorize a business based on our views of said business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why isn't my favorite business listed?

A: All nominations are determined by the radio audience of the Abilene area during our well-publicized nomination process. We do not omit anyone that was nominated.

Q: How will we know if we won?

A: All winners will be announced once voting has ended

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