When Texans tweet about food, there's only one thing that could possibly come to mind more than any other. The mere mention or thought of one food can bring most any Texan to mouth-watering delirium.

A study on foodandwine.com followed Twitter to track what food people in individual states tweet about the most. While some states yielded unexpected outcomes, the Lone Star State managed to stay very predictable. Texas tweeters posted the most about(drum roll please): brisket!

In Texas, you'll meet more people with a "secret recipe" or particular ways they smoke their brisket. Or their 10 favorite restaurants to get a brisket sandwich, brisket stew, barbecued brisket, brisket salad, brisket chili or my favorite - brisket tacos. What I'm saying is, brisket is not just a food, it's a proud part of proud Texas culture.

While the study shoots Texas straight with our food, some other states had strange food-related tweeting habits, including:

  • Michigan and Pennsylvania - grits
  • Montana - soy sauce
  • Kansas - prune
  • Nevada - saurkraut

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