A great karaoke performance isn't just dependent upon vocal skills. The song selected is just as -- and perhaps even more -- important.

If you have a good voice but are singing an obscure song that no one knows, chances are good that your performance will be a dud -- because half the fun of karaoke is singing along with the other performers!

Fortunately, whether you're in the mood to perform a ballad, something traditional or a country-pop smash hit -- or anything in between -- one of the following 10 tunes should do the trick. They're all familiar songs guaranteed to be a big hit with the crowd ... You may even get a standing ovation and feel like a real country superstar!

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    "Gunpowder and Lead"

    Miranda Lambert

    Lambert scored a platinum certification with "Gunpowder and Lead," the third single from her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend album. It was her first Top 10 hit and is easily one of Lambert's most-performed karaoke songs.

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    Alan Jackson

    "Chattahoochee" is a real winner: It nabbed CMA Awards for Song of the Year and Single of the Year and won over many a country fan. At karaoke, it's best performed with a childhood friend, as the uptempo hit reflects on coming of age and growing up.

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    "Chicken Fried"

    Zac Brown Band

    You can really show off your Southern pride by singing ZBB's "Chicken Fried" on karaoke night. Make sure you have a whole group of friends onstage -- this is not just a one-person song -- and get ready to educate the crowd about Southern living, complete with pecan pie, sweet tea and fried chicken.

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    "All My Ex's Live in Texas"

    George Strait

    Strait's No. 1 hit "All My Ex's Live in Texas" is for all of the fans of old-school country. The 1986 song is witty and memorable ... Just be sure to pull out your Southern drawl while singing!

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    Dolly Parton

    "Jolene" is one of Parton's most beloved songs and was her second No. 1 tune. It has been covered by many artists, from Olivia Newton-John to Ellie Goulding -- and now you -- so the karaoke crowd would have to live under a rock in order to not know this tune.

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    "This Kiss"

    Faith Hill

    When someone is singing "This Kiss," that's the only time you'll hear the word "centrifugal" used during karaoke. The uptempo, platinum-certified song has been sung many a time by a bride-to-be during her bachelorette party -- with the bridesmaids in tow, of course.

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    "Cowboy, Take Me Away"

    Dixie Chicks

    The Grammy-winning trio stole country fans' hearts with this simple and sincere song. If there's a cowboy at karaoke, take a deep breath of courage, bring him onstage and belt out this gorgeous track. The fiddle intro will clue the crowd into the song in a hurry.

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    "Need You Now"

    Lady Antebellum

    You might want to grab a few tissues before you take the mic to sing this song; it has a tendency to cue the waterworks. And if it's 1:15AM and you're a little drunk, you'll be feeling all of the feelings.

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    "Friends in Low Places"

    Garth Brooks

    If the night seems a bit dull and the crowd seems uninterested, it's best to pull out a tried-and-true favorite, and "Friends in Low Places" is one of those songs. Pretty soon, the whole bar will be singing along -- and demanding an encore.

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    "That Don't Impress Me Much"

    Shania Twain

    This song is a hit at any karaoke night, and it's a chance for the ladies to show off their strength and sass. "That Don't Impress Me Much" is a worldwide hit, so even if you're doing karaoke in another country, you'll have plenty of friends singing along. Be sure to show your inner confidence and strut the stage like it's your personal catwalk!

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