We’re not entirely sure why SNL decided to riff on Disney’s Aladdin in this week’s episode. It’s not like the 1992 animated movie has entered the national conversation again for some reason. If anything, this feels like someone on the writing staff rewatched the movie with his or her family over the show’s holiday break and came back with an idea or two. The result: the least timely parody you’ve ever seen! Although it is pretty funny and will appeal directly to those click-happy millennials.

The set-up is just plain great. We find Aladdin (guest host Adam Driver) and Jasmine (Cecily Strong) in the middle of their romantic, magic-carpet-ride date, singing “A Whole New World,” staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, and so on. And then a gigantic bird flies right into Jasmine’s face and this perfect romantic evening starts to take a turn for the worse, especially since Aladdin doesn’t seem to care about his love interest’s safety or comfort.

The sketch admittedly runs out of steam as it barrels into a truly bizarre conclusion, but Driver and Strong turn in game performances and the basic scenario is funny stuff. Because of course a magic carpet date would present all kinds of hazards! And of course being stuck on in the sky with a dude who is more interested in finishing his song than caring about your basic safety and hygiene would be a miserable experience! Take note, everyone: sing-alongs while riding enchanted household objects don’t make for an ideal first date.

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