Ruston Kelly may take on a tough topic in his new song and corresponding music video, "Faceplant," but the country singer doesn't take himself too seriously. Set to a gentle, whimsically catchy melody, the new song tells the story of a drug-addled partier who turns a blind eye to the consequences of his actions.

"This song is about learning to laugh at yourself; every foolish mistake should be met with a sense of wisdom and humor," Kelly tells Earmilk. "How else would we ever make it through? My life was like a f--ked up, drug-fueled carnival for so many years, and being able to express that completely and transparently is essentially what art is to me. Thankful I had my directors, Stephen [Kiningopolous] and Alexa [King], to help achieve that sense visually with this whole party town/losing my mind vibe."

That video takes us through an evening of hard partying. As Kelly sits back on the couch, other people come and go in slow motion: A woman vomits into a bucket, couples make out and people laugh and chatter, red Solo cups in hand. Eventually, the cops show up to arrest Kelly, but as an officer leads him toward the police car, he breaks free and, with a manic grin, dashes away into the night.

The song and video present a complicated look into drug and alcohol abuse: While Kelly has learned to laugh at the person floating through the video, unconcerned about what ramifications the morning light might bring, it's impossible not to notice the sadness of the situation.

"Faceplant" is the newest track to be shared off of Kelly's forthcoming album, Dying Star, which is slotted for release on Sept. 7. For more information, head over to his website.

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