If you’re anything like me, at least one night out of every week you’ll seek out a great movie to take you to a world that doesn’t require you to clock in or clock out. Whether you’re checking show times at a local theater, or eying the shelves at a video store, you’re moments away from taking a gamble on a couple of hours of your life that you will never be able to get back. My weekly DVD review will give you a strong shoulder to lie on while making your choice.

This week we will take a look at the epic prohibition-era gangster flick ‘Lawless’, which follows “The Bondurant Brothers”, three small town brothers who find their financial calling during the reign of the 18th amendment.

Now what really drew me to ‘Lawless’ was the fact that I would have a hard time living in a world where it was illegal to produce, distribute, and consume alcohol. This creates an easy admiration for the main characters of the Bondurant brothers Howard (Jason Clarke), Forrest (Tom Hardy), and Jack (Shia LaBeouf).

Director John Hillcoat floored audiences with ‘The Road’ which was based on the post-apocalyptic novel of the same name, written by Corman Mcarthy. 'Lawless' however is just as daring, but offers a whole lot more of a story. This film is easily defined by its characters, who are developed equally with different motives, but ultimately end up chasing the same dream.

The acting here is superb, while making a huge statement with his performance as ‘Bane’ in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Tom Hardy gives us a great protagonist as ‘Forrest Bondurant’.

Guy Pearce, in his portrayal of a crooked lawman named Charlie Rakes, brings to life one of the most hate-able characters ever seen on film.

Also, Shia LaBeouf steps way out of his Disney Channel shoes and becomes a man as the youngest Bondurant brother Jack.

‘Lawless’ raises the bar for all genre films, and I recommend it as a great rental or purchase for any household.

The Verdict=WOW!

Get your hands on this DVD and spend the night in. You won’t regret it.

 Check out the trailer for 'Lawless'

Have you seen 'Lawless'? What do you think?

This content was written and published by Zackary N. Keene, a filmmaker, critic, writer and musician from Abilene, TX.

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