Kane Brown has been on the road since early January for his Live Forever Tour, his first arena-headlining run, making stops throughout the South and Midwest United States and playing to legions of fans. He learned from the best during his time opening for Jason Aldean, Chris Young and others, and his new live show proves that he's stepped up his game.

"Our show has changed dramatically," Brown tells The Boot. "Especially from my production. I used to walk around the side, and now I’m coming out of the floor. We actually have a video screen [and] lights. It’s amazing."

Brown's stage presence has only grown as well: His energy matches the big production happening every night. The quickly rising country star specifically remembers a special moment he had during a late January tour stop in Orlando, Fla.: "We sold out 14,000 people," Brown recalls.

"I had just got done watching [the Queen biopic] Bohemian Rhapsody, so I got to bring some of [that energy] into the show," Brown continues. "I did the stomp, and it was loud, and it was a great time. I really brought my Freddie Mercury out."

And when he's not onstage? Brown says things are toned down back on the tour bus.

"I’m a homebody. When I’m onstage, I’m a different person," he admits. "Offstage, I’m laid back and the most chill guy ever, so I’m either gonna be in catering or playing Xbox."

Beyond his own exuberant show, Brown has brought along an all-star group of up-and-coming openers for his Live Forever Tour: RaeLynn, Granger Smith, Jimmie Allen and Danielle Bradbery. Brown's picks highlight some of the brightest young careers in country music, giving those acts a platform to sing in front of thousands and covering a diverse range of influences within the genre. The trek was especially big for Allen, who Brown says was excited before they even hit the road.

"He texted me and said, ‘We’re gonna make history.' I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He was like, ‘It’s gonna be the first time two black guys ever tour together in country music,'" Brown remembers. "For me, I was just really excited to have him out on tour because my fans love him, and he’s killing it right now ...

"We got all kinds of different fans out there: fans that think they don’t belong, fans that just wanna be there and have fun and listen to everything," Brown continues. "They would listen to Post Malone or Travis Tritt."

Brown wraps up the Live Forever tour on Friday (March 8), but he's not done touring this year just yet: He'll be joining Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour, which will kick off in April, as an opener alongside Carly Pearce. Brown has a close relationship with Aldean, and he's ready to prove that he's grown as an artist since their last run together.

"Aldean is my big brother. We watch almost every Georgia game together. I whip him in bowling every once in a while," Brown shares. "It’s just fun to be back out there. I told him, I was gonna come back and [said], 'You’re gonna have some competition out there. You better watch out.' I love Jason because he pushes me."

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