There's nothing like hanging out at a Texas lake is there?

Especially when it's scorching hot in the Lone Star State. Just imagine jumping into the lake or floating around on an inner tube. If that doesn't seem like a perfect summer day, with a cold beverage of your choice, then we don't know what is.

There's so many bodies of water that one could visit too! Some might even visit the beach if they are close enough. But not all water areas are should we say, the cleanest.

How do we know? Well data has come out about three lakes in the state you might need to avoid.

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Three Texas Lakes Ranked Highly As Dirtiest In Nation For Many Reasons

Hydrilla filled water on lakeshore
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To find out which lakes aren't the best, Lake compiled data from the National Water Quality Monitoring Council. Various factors contributed to the list itself.

But now comes the moment of truth, which lakes in Lone Star State unfortunately made this list? Could it be one that you live close to? One thing is for sure, a cleanup may be needed.

As revealed by Lake, Lake J.B. Thomas was the second worst lake in the nation. Due to dissolved oxygen measurements being lower than the needed standard, it was placed in that position.

Landing at third was Lake Wichita, with a combination of dissolved solids, smelliness, and multiple different issues. Lake Buchanan took the sixth spot, due to the same issue mentioned for Lake J.B Thomas.

So, it looks like it is time for some cleanup in the state of Texas!

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