Driving in Texas can sometimes be an experience.

We've all seen at least one individual while out on the Texas roadways do something silly while driving right? Somebody going way over the speed limit, an individual not using a turn signal, or perhaps they're blasting music at an insane volume.

Whatever the situation, when a person goes on a drive in Texas, something weird could and might happen. Our reactions could even find their way to the internet. One way that happens is none other than video.

In Houston, Texas, one user on Tik Tok discovered what can only be described as something you wouldn't expect to see during a regular day in the state.

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An Individual In Texas Was Found In A Tree, But Not In A Normal Way

The video can be seen on the previously mentioned social site, Tik Tok:

So the main question that's probably on everybody's mind is: "What in the world?" or "Why did a naked individual climb into a tree?" It doesn't really make sense when it gets right down to it does it?

We all get it's hot in the Lone Star State due to the summer months we're experiencing. But, removing all your clothing and climbing a tree seems a bit more difficult than just finding an area with air conditioning.

At the time of writing, no details have been released about the individual, or why they were in the tree. We will have it if it becomes available.

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