Ascension, a major provider of health care, it set to no longer to provide healthcare plans to residents in Texas. Here's what is known at time of writing.

Ascension No Longer Offering Plans In 2025 For Texas Residents

As reported by KUT News, Ascension recently alerted those in Texas their plans would no longer be effective starting in 2025. KUT News stated that Ascension provided seven different types of plans for residents in the Lone Star State. These were provided by the U.S. Health and Life Insurance Company, whom Ascension also owns.

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KUT news also reports a spokesperson for the company stated that the rescinding of plans is not due to the cyberattack in May of this year Ascension faced. However, no reason was given as to why the plans would no longer be available. It is also unknown at the time of writing if any states will lose their health coverages via Ascension.

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KUT News reports that individuals in Texas will have a chance to find a new healthcare provider in November of 2024. That is when the new enrollment period for 2025 is set to begin. The Texas Department Of Insurance also provided a comment to KUT News from Ben Gonzalez:

“If you get a notice of nonrenewal, we’d encourage you to start researching other health plans right away and plan on making a selection before your current coverage ends."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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