Some Texas school districts already allow this, could Wichita Falls be next?

Could We See Home School Children on Sports Teams in Wichita Falls?

Some parents throughout Wichita Falls have decided to pull their children out of schools within the WFISD and educate them at home. However, the one thing some of these parents think their children are missing out on is athletic programs. Whether that be football, basketball, or baseball as examples.

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Since 2021, Texas Has Allowed School Districts to Allow Home Schooled Children

Texas currently has 1,200 school districts throughout our state and only 35 of them currently allow children who are home schooled to join athletic teams in their local independent school districts. Last night at a WFISD board meeting, the topic was brought up for discussion for potentially allowing this in Wichita Falls. According to KFDX, 70% of WFISD faculty members were strongly opposed to it.

Could WFISD Lose More Kids if This is Allowed?

The main concern from critics is that the main reason to enroll in a school in the WFISD is to be a part of extracurricular activities like sports teams. The concern is that if this is allowed, even more parents will opt to put their child into a home school program. Also several other factors like does a home school child count as enrollment for realignment by UIL(University Interscholastic League)? A lot will have to be discussed if this happens.

Take the Poll and Let Me Know What You Think?

We know what the majority was from faculty at WFISD schools, but what about you in the community. Take the poll and let me know what you think.

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