When your kid acts up in school, a detention as a punishment usually comes to mind. Imagine if parents also got punished as well?

Potential New Program Coming for Parents in Texas

Educators are coming up with new ways to enforce punishments in their school systems and one ISD here in Texas is considering implementing a new policy that will obviously affect misbehaving students. The parents will also be affected as well. Now, many argue an after school detention already affects parents since this delays them for picking their child up. Here is the proposed plan that could go into effect next year.

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Parents Will Now Have to Take a Three Hour Parenting Course

For misbehaving students, they're often threatened with 'alternative school'. Many children go into this program for high level offenses, mainly fighting, hazing, or cyberbullying. This separates the child from their normal classes into this new program. Dallas ISD is proposing that kids can get out of alternative school if the child does a certain amount of community service hours (typically six hours) AND their parent takes a three hour parenting class.

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What Would Parents Have to Learn?

  • Support and guidance for areas of student concern
  • Parenting sessions to review student’s academic and behavioral progress
  • Campus resources to promote positive student outcomes
  • Mental health support / school counselor involvement

Obviously this plan has not gone into effect yet, but Dallas ISD said if it were to happen. These four points would be the subjects discussed. A decision is supposed to be made on the proposed plan in late June. According to KHOU, almost 80% of teachers in the Dallas ISD think this is good plan.

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