A father and son came across a message in a bottle at Padre Island National Park in South Texas. The text inside the bottle appears to be in German; if the bottle is from Germany, it traveled more than 5000 miles to get to Texas. Pretty wild!

Look at the video below, shared by KVUE early this morning:

The oldest message in a bottle on record was from Germany in 1913 and was found in the Baltic Sea after spending 101 years drifting about in the ocean. It was determined that the bottle was tossed into the sea by a 20-year-old named Richard Platz while he was out on a hike with a nature appreciation group.

As a kid, I remember putting a message in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean. I always wonder if anyone ever found it. With my luck, it's probably in a landfill somewhere. We should not be littering at all, but you must admit a little romance and wonder is tied up in finding a message from a stranger. I might turn a blind eye if I saw you tossing a bottle in the ocean...

While we're on the subject, here's Message In A Bottle by The Police...

It's stuck in my head, and it will be stuck in yours too now. You're welcome.

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