The Metallica Marching Band contest is back and I am once again pleading with the Goin' Band to enter the competition.

This Contest Is Winnable

The Goin' Band could win this competition. There are some very good and very well rehearsed bands that have entered this competition, but I feel like the Texas Tech band is such a quality program that they'd start on great footing. Let's not pretend that the Texas Tech Band is "too good" for the competition either, let's years Division I winner was Auburn.

The Prizing

Up for grabs for the category Texas Tech would be in would be about $50,000 in prizes, mostly in the form of new gear. That gear could really free up some funds for Texas Tech to us where it's needed most. It wasn't that long ago the band was struggling for funds for new uniforms, let's get out and work for that gear!

Iowa State v Texas Tech
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The Fame

The prizes aren't anything next to the publicity the school would get as one of the entrants, and especially if they won. The band would get to show off their chops to folks across the country, and also the "cool factor" they would get from being in this competition.

The Past

Eastern New Mexico University won the College Division II and III competitions last year, so this kind of thing is in the air and on the minds of people around here. We can take the inertia ENMU built and use it to propel Tech to victory.

The Others

Here's a reminder to our high school band directors, you're invited to compete too. There's tons of prizes for 1st through 3rd as well as a "fan favorite" category.

The Final Word

In case you didn't catch the links earlier, here's where you enter and find out more. We are looking for bold band directors to step up and represent our region. Not to brag, but FMX is the #1 radio station in Lubbock for a reason. People here love to rock, and they would love to see a local band, and especially Texas Tech, in this competition.

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