One of the alleged shooters at Cole's Flea Market who is suspected of being the person of interest who shot and killed an innocent 10-year-old boy has turned himself into authorities.

19-year-old David Negrete on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


TX Flea Market Shooter Who Shot and Killed An Innocent Child Still On the Run

Texas authorities are still searching for a killer on the loose who fired randomly inside a Pearland Texas flea market killing one innocent child and injuring four more.

Officers responded to a call of shots fired at Cole’s Flea Market in the Pearland area at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Known as the oldest and largest flea market in Pearland, Sundays are usually bustling with people but the rain kept the larger crowds away.

Perhaps that's fortunate or the death toll Sunday in Pearland might have been higher.

Still, a family is grieving after losing their child in this senseless shooting.

Witnesses who were at the flea market at the time of the shooting say that the senseless killing happened after two adults who did not know each other started to argue.

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No one has been able to confirm at this time what the argument was about or how many guns were involved.

Police are offering that they need help in identifying the shooter and in a press release reported that at this time they need more details. They are not sure if there was only one gun or several involved.

With more questions than answers at this time, authorities are charged with filling in the blanks in the hopes of finding the killer and bringing him, or them, to justice.

Those who have information about the incident are asked to call a tip line at 281-997-5828.

Here is FOX 26's YouTube video of a public information officer asking for the public's assistance to help find the shooter.

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