I get it. There's a need for law and order wherever you go. Laws are ever-changing as they meet the current needs of society. But some of the laws we have in Texas address situations that just don't happen in today's world. Or they're so ridiculous you have to laugh. Regardless, they remain the law.

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In an article from trial lawyers Arnold & Itkin, you'll find Texas laws that you won't believe. In my humble opinion, these laws are old, outdated, or just plain silly. You've got to see these for yourself. Scroll with me as we take a look (and giggle) at some of these laws.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

A Permit Required to Walk Barefoot?

Yes, really. In some Texas cities, you have to purchase a $5 permit to walk barefoot. If not, you could be ticketed for violating the "sanitation and appearance" code.

Eating Your Neighbor's Garbage Is a No-Go

Not that you'd want to in the first place. But there are towns where it's against the law to dig in your neighbor's trash for food. You could be charged with property theft.

It's Illegal to Carry Wire Cutters

In the city of Austin, you can't carry wire cutters in your pocket. This goes back to the time of early ranchers, when the law prevented wire fences from being cut.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Your Horse Needs Tail Lights

Yes, it's true. In Texarkana, you can only ride your horse at night if it has tail lights. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Spittoons Required in Some Places

El Paso actually has a law that requires spittoons in churches, hotels, train depots, and more. Thankfully, there's not much need to enforce it nowadays.

No Nasty Emissions In An Elevator

In my opinion, this should be law everywhere. In Port Arthur, it's actually illegal to omit fart fumes in an elevator. As silly as this one is, bravo to the lawmakers.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Windshield Wipers Are Required, But Not Windshields

Someone will have to explain this to me. Texas doesn't require windshields while driving a vehicle, allowing for Jeep owners to drive with their windshields down. However, windshield wipers are still required.

No Weird-Looking Haircuts

The official context for this legal code couldn't be confirmed but the word is, in the town of Mesquite, it's illegal for kids to have unusual haircuts. I don't know of a court that would enforce this law but it remains talked about to this day.

The law is the law and it's a powerful thing. But sometimes it's just too outrageous. In most cases, these laws shouldn't even apply anymore. Times have changed but the laws have not. Keep scrolling for even more that are good for a chuckle or a shake of the head.

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