Thanks to the non-traditional room and home rentals, like Airbnb and VRBO, vacations no longer have to be spent in a hotel room. As a matter of fact, Texas is home to a wide array of rentals with many like you've never seen before.

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Also, now that we're on the backend of the pandemic, more people are traveling which means hotel vacancies might be tougher to find which means we have to be creative when planning our trips.

What makes an Airbnb rental unique? My wife and I have stayed in both an Airbnb and a VRBO and both offer up a more private experience with all of the anemties you would get in a hotel - in most cases even more so. Yeah, you shell out a little bit more cash, but the design of the homes and the privacy you get are priceless.

I definitely would rather stay in an Airbnb or VRBO than a hotel these days.

So, let's look at 10 of the most unique Airbnb rentals we have here in the Lone Star State.

WOW: 10 of the Most Unique Airbnb Rentals in Texas

<p>What makes an Airbnb rental unique? Well, I'd say a lot of it has to do with the design of the actual home, but it could also be the location and amenities that make it stand out.</p><p> </p><p> </p>

While these are some of the more unique Airbnb rentals in Texas, there are a ton of other rentals that offer the same privacy and amenities.

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