It's a done deal. Fort Hood is no longer Fort Hood. The United States Department of Defense has begun the implementation of the DOD's Naming Commission's recommendations. The reason for the recent renaming of military installations, bases, posts, ships, streets, and buildings is due to these sites were initially named after Confederate soldiers.

The new name of Fort Hood will now be Fort Cavazos. The base, about 90 miles north of Austin, has been renamed in honor of Four-Star Army General Richard E. Cavazos. A Hispanic-American hero of both the Korean and Vietnam wars, General Cavazos was the first Hispanic-American to achieve Four-Star General status In the United States Army.

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The DOD and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III began accepting name recommendations in September 2022, through the end of December 2022. Offering their support and input, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other supporters urged that the base be renamed after Cavazos, who grew up in Kingsville. The most incredible part is that General Cavazos actually commanded the troops at Fort Hood at one time.

Now, one of the U.S. military's largest bases has been renamed after the Army's first Hispanic four-star general. I personally believe that honoring General Cavazos is long overdue. Cavazos was and is a real war hero.

Cavazos was awarded the Silver Star, two distinguished Service Cross awards (for his service during the Korean and Vietnam wars), and several war commendations. While he was evacuating wounded soldiers and being shot at by the enemy, Cavazos was also wounded but managed to evacuate all the other soldiers.

I am proud of the fact that a fellow Texan and fellow Hispanic-American is getting the recognition and honor he deserves. I'm sad though, that our Four-Star General Richard Cavazos was not able to be here at the renaming of the base as he passed away in 2017. Now when I drive by Fort Cavazos, I will know the history of the man after whom the base is named. General Cavazos, thank you for your service.

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