Two iconic Texas brands, Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper, have joined together to create one delicious ice cream, Dr. Pepper Float. Executives from Blue Bell Creameries - Faron Bell and Jerry Don Black - dropped by my studio this week with their scrumptious new Blue Bell flavor.

One of my co-workers said, "It's like a marriage made in heaven by God himself." Another said, after taking only one spoonful, "Holy $#+! This is freakin' incredible!" My co-workers were flipping out over the new Blue Bell flavor.

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Whoever is the genius that came up with the idea of taking two born-in-Texas products and marrying them in a factory in Brenham, Texas, is the most creative human in the universe. For these two original Texas-based products to not be declared as the official ice cream of Texas and the official soft drink of the Lone Star State is insanity.

Nonetheless, I will keep reaching out to the Governor of Texas and bugging him until we get this done. In the meantime, the new Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float ice cream is now available. I'm praying this is not just a "flavor of the month" type of thing. If it is, Blue Bell will have one testy broadcaster on their case.

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I honestly believe that Blue Bell cannot and will not ever get better than what they are putting out today. The new Dr. Pepper Float flavor is in stores now, in all 23 states where Blue Bell is available.

“The best ice cream floats are made with Dr Pepper poured over a few scoops of Blue Bell,” said Jimmy Lawhorn, Blue Bell Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “Why not put a spin on this popular treat and create our own version? The flavor of Dr Pepper and texture of the sherbet combine perfectly with the smooth vanilla ice cream. You may find yourself reaching for a soda glass instead of a bowl.”

Dr. Pepper Float will be available in the pint-size and half-gallon sizes through 2024.

Photo by: Blue Bell Creameries
Photo by: Blue Bell Creameries

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