'Die Hard 5' (dubbed 'A Good Day to Die Hard') will be upon us sooner than you think, which means it's time to break out more teasers and footage. Aside from the first two trailers, the poster that made the rounds a while back was a bit of a let down. At the time, we were up for anything to get hyped over, but now we need something with a bit more substance. Bring in the new 'Die Hard 5' poster!

Debuting on Entertainment Weekly, the new 'Die Hard 5' poster showcases Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney ('Spartacus') as the father-son McClane duo. No more of that fluffer poster that was just a close up of Willis' face with the tagline "Yippee Ki-Yay, Mother Russia." Ain't nobody got time for that! 'A Good Day to Die Hard' hits theaters in mid February, so the last thing we want is for the studio to withhold the better teasers.

'Die Hard 5' will star Bruce Willis reprising his role as John McClane, who travels to Russia to meet up with his seemingly wayward son Jack. He soon finds out, though, that he's working as a CIA operative looking to take down a planned nuclear-weapons heist. It's really the McClane pair up against an entire underworld of Russian gunslingers!

Check out the new 'Die Hard 5' poster below in full, and be sure to check out the flick when it hits theaters February 14, 2013.

Die Hard 5 Poster
20th Century Fox via EW

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