Craig Campbell is back on the barstool with his latest single, "See You Try," and he's targeting a younger audience.

The mid-tempo country anthem is a follow-up to the Top 25 Billboard Country Airplay hit “Outskirts of Heaven." But while "Outskirts" is a lyric-driven ballad that rests on sentiment, vivid imagery and the notion of life after death, the fun-loving "See You Try" is a three-minute antithesis.

Written by Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard with James McNair and Jordan Schmidt, "See You Try" finds Campbell singing about his wild side. Want to tame it? He’d like to "see you try." Filled with drinks, buddies and a “country-fine” female piquing Campbell’s interest, the song sways from melodic hook to melodic hook with a big chorus that blends into a sung-spoken post-chorus that playfully anchors the song.

“When we were listening for songs, we knew that whatever followed ‘Outskirts of Heaven’ had to check all the boxes,” Campbell tells Taste of Country. “Our genre is getting a lot younger and a lot of the big pop songs are melody-driven, and it’s being infused into the songs that we write and record on the country side of things. There is still space for lyric driven songs, such as ‘Outskirts of Heaven.’ … But if you can have a great melody and a great lyric, then you have a special song. Melodies can carry songs and lyrics can carry songs, so it’s whatever’s working that day. But we knew this was the right song to follow ‘Outskirts of Heaven.’ I feel like we nailed it."

Campbell tells Taste of Country he’s releasing an EP “pretty quick” (we’re guessing by summer) and is currently scheduled to release a full-length album near the end of 2018.

“I’m not gonna say the album is the same as 'Outskirts' or 'See You Try,'” says Campbell, but, “It’s a graduation of where I am in my career and in my life musically, so there’ll be different flavors throughout."

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