Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black met on New Year's Eve in 1990, when he was playing in their hometown of Houston, Texas. “I didn’t know who she was,” he admits, “but when I saw her standing there with those beautiful blue eyes, I knew I wanted to see her again.”

Though they both had demanding schedules with their thriving careers (him in country music, her in acting), they were able to grow their relationship. Hartman Black recalls to Country Living, "Once I met him and got to know him and then started learning about his music and all of that, and his poetry, I had to kind of forget about it when I was around him. I'd find myself looking at him going, 'You write all that stuff? Where does it come from?'"

While they were both hesitant to jump into marriage, they knew they had something special. "I knew intuitively that she could be trusted with my heart and my life," Black says. So, during his pre-show workout on a college running track in Salt Lake City, Utah, he proposed.

“We started talking about life and how much we meant to each other,” remembers Hartman Black. “It was probably an endorphin high or something, but he asked me to marry him, and I said yes.”

On Oct. 20, 1991, Black and Hartman Black got married in an intimate family affair on Black's 180-acre Texas farm.

“I always thought Clint needed somebody to be there for him when he came offstage,” country star Lorrie Morgan tells People. “As much as Clint smiled before, he’s got a better smile now.”

After 10 years of marriage, the couple had their daughter, Lily. They tell People, "We always loved kids, but they just weren’t in the plan … And once we decided, it was, ‘We can’t get one fast enough!’" However, the road to becoming parents wasn't an easy one: "When we finally got lucky and were blessed with a pregnancy, there was bed rest at the end and it was touch and go. But it was all worth it, because having Lily in our lives has just been amazing."

Now married for 30 years, the couple have learned a few key things about marriage. But, even back in 1992, Black demonstrated his understanding of the commitment, saying, “We know that flames don’t just keep burning on their own, we have to fan them. Love and passion is something that you have to nurture, and if you do, it’ll grow. I think we’re smart enough to know it’s all up to us.”

And, the couple's touching duet “You Still Get to Me," is a testament to their happy love -- even after all these years.

“That song is a true story,” Black shares. “Our attraction is greater than it ever was, and our appreciation and value for our marriage and our family is greater than it ever was. I wanted the song to ring true, and to say what I tell Lisa all the time: ‘I love you now more than ever, I’m attracted to you now more than ever.’ When we get time alone, I’m reminded of it all again. Because if you’re lucky, like we are, as the years go on in your marriage, it just gets better.”

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