Happy birthday, indeed.

YouTuber Kent Yoshimura celebrated his birthday by recording all the free goodies he could get his hands on. And we're not talking birthday gifts from friends here, either. We're talking those promotions and deals restaurants offer to customers celebrating their big day.

And, boy, did he indulge. From Denny's famed Grand Slam breakfast to a burger at Red Robin and a free cafe soy latte at Starbucks to wings at Hooters (more than one visit, too!), Yoshimura filled his tummy. Seriously, those are only a few of the places he visited, leading us to two thoughts:

  1. Good for him for taking advantage of getting free stuff.
  2. The birthday gift he's probably going to get is heart disease. How did he eat all this junk food?

All in all, Yoshimura got nearly $100 worth of free stuff, most of it food. Sure, he's another year older, but wiser? Not sure. Fuller? No question.

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