Swiss musician and singer Bastian Baker put out his debut album, Tomorrow Might Not Be Better, in 2011, when he was just a teenager. He quickly became a star, racking up headlining tour dates and industry awards as his music climbed the charts, and even served as a coach on Season 3 of The Voice in Belgium.

Despite the fact that he has been a fixture in the pop scene for years, it wasn't until recently that Baker set his sights on expanding his musical style into a more open-ended approach that blends in elements of folk and country. Along the way, the singer forged a friendship with country icon Shania Twain, which led to him joining her on her 2018 Now Tour, opening Baker up to even more of a country influence.

So, what's the scoop on Baker? Read on to learn more about the genre newcomer who shook up the stage on tour with Twain.

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