When naming a baby, something they will forever be stuck with, you want to get it right. Many people chose family names, others venture out on the creative limb, some follow celebrity trends and some choose a name with Biblical meaning. However, studies are showing that those Biblical names are waning.

According to the Baby Center the most popular names for 2012 were Aiden and Sophia, but what will top the list for 2013? Apparently it won't be names chosen from the Bible this year. While there are still a few Biblical names that will make the list they will not be as popular.

When Biblical names were chosen they have in the past been from the New Testament. However, as of late, more were being chosen from the Old Testament. With that being said looks like pop culture is taking over our baby naming.

Names like Zoe, Chloe, Emma, Jackson, Mason and Ethan are topping the name chart. Books like "Fifty Shades of Grey" (haven't read it) are apparently spurring names too; such as Anastasia and Elliot. Television personalities are having an influence too.  The Kardasians have made the name Mason popular again, actress Olivia Wilde has made her name more popular, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Betty White and Amy Poehler have all influenced baby names. Movie, video game and television show characters are all influencing an whole new generation of names. And then there's Snooki (Jersey Shore). Well maybe not so much!

Whatever name you chose I'm sure it will be a perfect fit for your child. If your having trouble finding that perfect name check out the Baby Center,once again, for some of the hottest trending names.

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